Freddy E Live Tweets Suicide

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  1. I think it was a cry for help from his twitter page he was reaching out for help. But no one wanted to help him or reached out to him this is awful i wish i was there to help him i miss Freddy E so much I think about him every day if only people was there for him more he would still be here also honey cocaine added fuel to the fire she didn’t even check on him to see if he was alright she is fake I hope she regrets everything that she said and did to him I hate her and i also hate delorean Johnson this dude stole money for the memorial fund raiser all of us fans were donating money to help Freddy and his family get a headstone marker for him delorean Johnson has to be stopped he has been scamming artists and stealing music so the dude is a fraud.


  1. [...] Rapper Freddy E Tweeted his plans just before he killed himself. Do acts like his glamorize death and suicide? Or was this a last minute cry for help? And why Twitter?  [...]

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