The Good Men Project Combines Forces with Other Top Blogs About Men

The Good Men Project joins with “No Seriously, What About Teh Menz” and other blogs that are seriously (or amusingly) about, by and for men.

The Good Men Project was founded in 2010 by Tom Matlack with the intention of “sparking an international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century.” That conversation got a little larger today.

Noted men and gender blog “No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz” has come on board as The Good Men Project expands both its reach and its depth of content about men.

“No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz was started in 2011 from an offhand post on Ozy’s old personal blog, but has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular voices on gender. Ozy Frantz says, “I think NSWATM’s success is because there really aren’t many voices that are both male-centered and feminist, that fight the harms men face under patriarchy without falling into misogyny.”

Noah Brand, who has been an active blogger at NSWATM, had joined The Good Men Project in March as Editor-In-Chief.

NSWATM will be a part of a network of blogs that share similar values to The Good Men Project. Other blogs that have recently joined are “Ten Things I’ve Learned” by Josh Bowman and “Raising Boys” by Jayson Gaddis. Editors at The Good Men Project also run blogs or special sections — Joanna Schroeder and Jamie Reidy run the trendy and timely Good Feed Blog, Justin Cascio runs special sections under The Good Life, and Deanna Ogle keeps her pulse on the daily conversation with The Comment of the Day. Matt Salesses, Fiction Editor, helped lead the Good Men Project towards a Million Writers Award.

Lisa Hickey, Publisher of The Good Men Project and CEO of Good Men Media, Inc. adds, “We’ve always been about having as large and as diverse a conversation as possible about what it means to be a man and what it means to be good. We talk about both of those in ways that are thoughtful, timely, provocative and deep. Joining with other blog and media entities will allow us to have an even more robust conversation at the front lines of modern manhood.”

Email if you would like to join in the conversation as either an individual, blog, or media partner.

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  2. The Good Men Project is making the worst mistake by combining forces with these blogs because they are not compatible with one another. I find GMP to be more open than other blogs. They would bring bad influence to it.

    • Copyleft says:

      Maybe, maybe not. Feminism will never go unchallenged here unless they radically rewrite the rules to protect it… and in doing so, betray the stated purpose of the site. Will they? Wait and see.

    • Peter Houlihan says:

      As far as I know the GMP still has an open editorial policy (within reason). So far that seems to be adhered to.

  3. Copyleft says:

    “Male voices for feminism” might be an interesting addition to the conversation, but keep in mind that this forum’s purpose is for addressing men’s issues first and foremost. Feminism may play a part in those discussions, but it’s not the raison d’etre.

  4. This is such a great idea. Soon ‘Male eXperience‘ will be joining as well. Look out for it.

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