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  1. John schtoll says:

    Could you please, allow editing of comments after posting.

  2. Please stop running pop up ads that make it impossible to view the site on an iPad or mobile phone!

  3. @Tim

    So far I never noticed anything that the GoodMenProject deletes comments.

    If some comments fail to appear, it’s maybe because of automatic spam filters (which should be improved) but not because of the moderators themselves. – I think, the GoodMenProject simply admits any kind of personal views and accepts any opinion, as long as those comments are written in a polite form.

    Some people – most of them feminists – left the GoodMenProject, this is correct, Hugo and Futrelle come to my mind, and Marcotte and some others, because they could not accept critics and were demanding from moderators to erase comments, especially those from MRAs, which disagree with them. – As far as I know staff-members of the GoodMenProject always refused to go ahead with such ‘delete and ban’ requests. No MRA comment as far as I am aware of them was ever deleted and same is true with pro-feminist comments.

    Nobody by my knowledge ever got banned. All those people who cannot stand critics left out of their own decision, it is up to them to come back anytime, to submit articles and to write comments.

    To answer your question, I see here nothing which indicates any preference to ‘right’ ‘left’ ‘MRAs’ ‘radical feminists’… There is no preference. How did you got this impression, can you explain that?

    • Martin Nash says:

      Lots of posts do get “trashed” and not by spam filters. These though mostly seem to have something to do with comments on editorial policy (and of course many that are just abusive or irrelevant).

      Hopefully this posting and subsequent comments will allow some feedback to take place.

      WRT the survey, I too abandoned after a minute as I am also not interested in value added (or conference calls in the days of the internet).

    • Yes, the site does come across – certainly – as Left. The extraordinary number of articles promoting feminism – many of them very hard-edged and doctrinaire – and the numerous articles about the end of sex ‘roles’, homosexuality and gender neutrality do create a specific environment where there is one viewpoint that is strongly encouraged. And I did see many comments disappear without explanation.

      By the way – what is an MRA?

      It isn’t that important. I was drawn in by the title of the site, but any group is going to move in one direction or another. I am a conservative, but certainly not on the far-right. So I thought I might fit in.

      It may be that those who run the site are unaware of how far left you may seem. Anyway – thanks for the sreponse.

  4. It would be a great to know if views outside of the Left are acceptable – and that the response to this question will be taken seriously and not deleted, as it is a sincere question.

    Certainly the overall impression is that the site is very far left (How many articles can a site run on general neuter clothes?) but I like many of the conversations, and there are SOME good men who are not on the far-left! (Really)

    I had given up on the site because of the rigid definitions and exclusivity, but some explanation would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

    • if you lifted your eyes from yr navel youd realise that at least half of the american nonfeminist commenters here, lean to right

      Certainly the overall impression is that the site is very far left (How many articles can a site run on general neuter clothes?)

      why yes, the men of the communist party, of the socialist workers party, other far left parties regularly go around in dresses, dont they.
      they wear the same junk you do, and like you are quite content to wear, trousers, and only trousers

      • “Lift your eyes from your navel”

        What? This isn’t a serious response – more like a tantrum. But it’s better not to have it censored.

  5. I have been super grateful for the few trans discussions that have taken place at GMP. Anyone who would be willing to contribute further would be of tremendous help for those of us who are concerned with issues of trans discrimination and inclusion. There is no better website for this kind of topic.

    Thank you for all the lively conversation!

  6. John Anderson says:

    I’d like to see an activist section. Too many times the MRM goes it alone when dealing with issues concerning men. I don’t think that feminists would be against activism on men’s issues and would possibly support some of the endeavors, but they don’t often visit men’s activist sites. It would certainly be more difficult for some MRAs to paint feminism as a sexist movement if feminists actively supported men’s issues. I suppose that a risk is that the those MRAs are proven right.

    For example I sent this feedback to NBC News.

    In your story

    why was the victim of a sex crime publicly identified by both name and likeness? Was it because he was male? Was it because he was a prisoner and prisoners deserve what they get? Is it because the perpetrator is a female? Is it because the perpetrator characterized herself as the victim or the act as consensual? You didn’t actually provide any statements from the victim asserting that. Does that mean that the perpetrators get to define what is rape and what isn’t or is that only when the perpetrators are women?

    I find this to be reprehensible and feel that both the writers and the editors that approved this should be disciplined if not outright fired.

    I didn’t get a response back. What would happen if GMP had contacted them or they had 1,000 e-mails or an online petition signed by 10,000 people or if the story was carried on other websites like feministing who claim to be concerned about victims of sexual assault

    • Lisa Hickey says:

      That is an interesting idea, John. Certainly we are trying to change the dialogue that the media has with regards to men. We also have attracted many activists from on all sorts of issues that are interested in creating real change, and know how to mobilize people in the ways you speak of. We will definitely look into and consider this.

  7. Why is this comment above I wrote 1 minute ago awaiting moderation?
    What is the reason for it? I really like to know that.

    • Yohan when it comes to commenting at GMP there are keywords that comments are searched for and it scores a hit the comment will be sent to moderation regardless of the use of the word. At that point a human moderator will go into the moderation queue and approve/disapprove the comments. It doesn’t help that there are a only a few human moderators working GMP (we’re talking like 6 people against hundreds of comments a day) so a truly innocent comment could be stuck in moderation for a while if it has a certain keyword and it takes a while for a human moderator to come around.

  8. As others said already, a preview and edit-option for 15 to 30 minutes would be nice to correct typing/spelling mistakes.

    Better search utilities to find articles and authors etc., it is very difficult to find older articles again.

    Any permanent column for reporting technical trouble, I still wonder why any article written by me – even a very short one – is sent into moderation. Several of my comments ‘disappeared’ in the past and never re-appeared, despite they were not written in any derogatory style.
    I do not think this was done purposely, as the GoodMenProject is not known to me for removing non-feminist-friendly comments.

    • Lisa Hickey says:

      Thanks for your input Yohan. We absolutely try to have an open dialogue about these issues — it is only when people say the same things over and over regardless of the post that we step in. Even then, we usually talk to the people first.

  9. Jonathan G says:

    I’ve been using the Internet since wa-a-a-a-a-y back in the day before Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. And I remember this thing called Usenet, which (for those of you not familiar) is/was a discussion forum that was distributed across the network by copying files from computer to computer. It was very popular and had hundreds of different “groups” devoted to different topics, some with hundreds of messages per day.

    Over the years, people developed quite sophisticated software (called newsreaders) to efficiently display and manage that large volume of postings. Then came the Web, and Usenet faded away, the newsreaders with it. Now, every site on the Web has its own quirky and cumbersome comment system, including TGMP, and they’re all very poorly suited to long discussions of more than a dozen or so messages. It’s painful to use them while thinking of the elegant solutions that people devised to manage extensive discussions, but which just got tossed by the wayside.

    TL;DR: The comment system on this site sucks for in-depth discussions. Yes, that’s also true of virtually every other comment system on every site on the Web, but it’s a problem for a site that exists to foster discussion.

    I started the survey, but quickly abandoned it, because I’m not really interested in any of the “value-addeds” listed. I come here for the discussion and debate, so the #1 thing that would make it better for me would be to make that frictionless for the user.

    P.S. On the topic of friction for the user, I’ve had good luck with Firefox preserving my draft comments through the periodic page re-loads that the site generates.

  10. would love:
    1. a ‘latest comments’ window.
    2. the choice to have nested or chronologically ordered comments.

  11. I’ll take the survey too, but may I just say: Edit Button! Edit Button!

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