The Manliest Position – President

The Manliest Position – President

Should the President of the United States be decided on the basis of the manliness of candidates? Definitely not. Do we, as a nation, go to the voting booth with manliness in mind anyways?

Let’s take a look at what makes a modern man … well, manly, and see how the current GOP and Democratic frontrunners stack-up against each other.

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  1. The question of a president’s manliness reminds me of an episode of King of the Hill in which Hank Hill, who values traditional masculinity, gets to meet the man he plans to vote for, George W. Bush, at a rally. He has the opportunity to shake Bush’s hand, but is shocked and appalled to find that Bush has a weak, limp handshake. It leaves him so shaken, he doubts whether he can even vote for the man.

    For me, this is a non-issue. A presidential candidate’s masculinity is not something I consciously consider when deciding who to vote. I was distraught, though, in the 2008 election when Hilary Clinton was repeatedly slammed for being too masculine. It seems unfair that the same qualities that would make a man a good president get a woman ridiculed. I believe leadership is a human ability not limited to either sex, and a good leader is a good leader regardless of his or her gender. Now, whether any of the men currently in the presidential race are good leaders…well, that’s a different question…

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