The Pitcher: How Curt Schilling Let Me Down

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  1. Being both a gamer and a Sox fan, I was interested in his game, the Knights of Whatever (Alamur? I think that’s what it was?). He was apparently a huge MMO fan, and wanted to make a video game himself. I thought that was a good idea, but after doing some research, I was a bit turned off by the game. It’s hard to come out with a fantasy RPG after Skyrim, 2011′s Game of the Year, especially so by a freshman game developer. He clearly didn’t know what he was doing. I’m not surprised he failed so miserably. He was trying to compete against the big studios like Skyrim developer Bethesda, and he had no experience in the field whatsoever, beyond playing video games. He just didn’t know how to run a game company. He got too involved in the development process, interfered with his employee’s work, and then apparently couldn’t pay them back. I agree, he’s not a bad guy. He just got too caught up in his fantasy of being a game developer, and completely missed the mark. In the end, he was no Gabe Newell. He should stick to baseball.

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