The Secret to a Long Marriage: Matching Outfits

It’s a phenomenon I’ve been observing in my own home for the last 6 or so years of my 8+ years of being with Ivan. I buy a pair of shoes, and being as I’m a complete Tomboy, my husband always copies me. It started when I quit working and switched from high heels to Nike Shox… Next we switched to Adidas, then to white Converse hi-tops and now I’m back in the Vans I wore as a kid, expecting him to follow.

And we both wear dark-framed nerd glasses. And I’m sort of guilty too, I just got a pair of classic Ray Bans… Guess who had a pair first? Him.

And while we tend toward the same trends, I cannot imagine we will ever reach the amazing matchy-matchy status of this awesome couple that Gawker featured.

Meet Nebraska couple Mel and Joey Schwanke. They own 146 custom-made matching outfits.

And they’ve been married more than 45 years… So don’t knock it until you can top it!

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