Things I’ve Said To My Children

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  1. LOL – I do have to wonder if the context has been preserved!

    • I don’t think it needs much context. Kids do wild, fun, and sometimes really dumb things. I can picture the probable context in my head, just given the sentences themselves. :)

      • Well – must be a cultural thing then, cos “The Leprechaun Is Staying In My Pocket” has me and all me Irish Ancestors scathing heads…. and the “Stop riding that penguin we’re leaving” has a Felliniesque quality all of it’s own.

        It has the ring about it similar to a very bad translation I have seen many times “The Sistrums Are Tinkling” indeed.

  2. bravo! these are sooo funny and true and wise and real! and funny. did i mention funny??? i thought i was having a night of feverishly clutching my laptop mesmerized by absolutely nothing at all… what a fabulous surprise to find this!

  3. Strider says:

    I have a whole list of things I’ve said that would never have become sentences if I didn’t have kids.

    Stop playing with butter.
    No, the dog did not wash your jeans.
    I don’t know if Santa likes beef jerky.
    Why is there an airplane in the refrigerator?
    We always have one kid under the table.
    What did you put in your ear this time?

    I know there are more, but it’s late…

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