Three Aurora Victims Died Shielding Others

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  1. Copyleft says:

    I respect anyone who risks (or in this case, sacrifices) their life to save another.

  2. To the guy above me: Does it really matter if it was just a couple of dates, or a life partner? The point is the guys sacrificed themselves to save another human being. The length of time they knew that person has nothing to do with their heroic actions. To be the thing that stands between chaos and safety and to die protecting another human being will always be honourable and noble, not idiotic.

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  3. Conde J.Peoples says:

    In my eyes the Men who shielded their respective partners were more than just “good men”,They Are Heroes!!

  4. Mika Doyle says:

    Thank you for writing about this story, Joanna. I somehow missed this coverage amidst all of the other coverage. Much respect to these young men for what they did that night.

  5. Tears for their sacrifice…Thank you for writing this, Joanna…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Honestly watching one of the videos where they interviewed jensen young made me cry. These guys are truly amazing and admirable for their actions and I’m sure that the people they saved will never forget. RIP heroes.

  7. The same was true of columbine. As in this case it was also exclusively males protecting females (but in this case high school children).

    Yet, all we hear is about toxic masculinity. I’m really sick of simplistic gender arguments that conflate dysfunctionality with masculinity making headlines.

  8. Mark Neil says:

    Thank you, Joanna, for writing this tribute. With all the articles using this event as catalyst to discuss the evils of men, it is important to show the good of men as well.

  9. I am also in awe of the selflessness these men demonstrated while faced with danger. And yes, we should talk more about these people and their heroic deeds and learn from their examples. May God comfort the bereaved.


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