Tom Matlack on HuffPost Live: Women, Beauty and the New York Times

Tom Matlack joined a round table discussion of issues related to his controversial opinion piece.

Recently, GMP founder Tom Matlack wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on makeup, plastic surgery, and body art that has sparked quite a controversy. Tom’s opinion sparked a national conversation about makeup, beauty and self-esteem for women in our society. A conversation that has been a long time in the making and is well overdue.

On Tuesday evening, Tom appeared in a HuffPost Live broadcast hosted by Abby Huntsman. Alongside Tom on the broadcast were NY Make-Up Artist Rebecca Perkins, HuffPost Black Voices Style and Beauty editor Julee Wilson, “Fearless Living” author Rhonda Britten, and the HuffPost Women Assistant Editor Christina Huffington, whose response to Tom’s post was the driving force behind the broadcast.

Watch the video:


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  1. I searched but couldn’t find a single controversial syllable in what Tom wrote. This subject- what women think and feel about beauty- is so boring and goes nowhere.Women constantly overproject their insecurities about how they look until it is just too much to take. Women,like the Kardashians, exploit these insecurities for massive profits.Other women flaunt their bodies-many of them feminists- for profit,but it’s the male gaze that’s the problem.This is yet another issue where most experienced men fear to tread. Beyond that,I prefer make up in the bedroom rather than outside of it and I think most women are attractive.

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