Too Dumb to Have Sex?

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  1. about 30-40 relaxed sexual xperiences, should bring him to the real world faster.

  2. Oh god – your language! “Too dumb…” The reporting on this case has been really bothersome. Lots of people apparently appalled by the decision but using really unhelpful and demeaning language.

    The man can’t give informed consent. What’s grey about that? I work with survivors of sexual abuse who have learning disabilities and assess capacity on a number of issues, and I hope there is no confusion here that the fact that something ‘feels nice down there’ does not consent make.

    The mental capacity act was an extremely liberating piece of legislature in that it established capacity to consent was context or decision specific, can change over time, was not based on IQ itself, and said we should assume consent unless there are reasons not to believe the person can’t consent.

    After some sex education Alan may be fully able to give informed consent and return to his relationship. It’s not his ‘mental deficiencies’ as you call it which are the problem, it’s his informed consent deficiencies.

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