Undercover Boss CEO Sees the Light About Same-Sex Partner Benefits

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for the CBS reality show Undercover Boss. If there’s a show on television right now that features good men (and women) it’s Undercover Boss, where upper execs from companies of a whole range of sizes go undercover to experience life in entry-level positions in their businesses.

I’m certain that like most reality shows, some of it is scripted or staged, but what is very real are the good people in the company who pour their hearts into their jobs, as well as the executives who often have life-changing experiences doing things like cleaning port-a-potties (did you see that one?!) or trying to keep up with a manufacturing line.

Tonight’s episode featured Lorne Abony, CEO and Chairman of Mood Media. While it wasn’t one of the more dramatic episodes, it had an awesome “good man moment” I just had to share.

After getting to know Eileen, who (along with her partner of 27 years) is struggling to raise 4 children while working tirelessly for Mood Media, Abony realized how critical it is to provide benefits to domestic partners. Extending the benefits to partnerships will be an additional expense for Mood Media of somewhere around $200,000 a year, but one Abony feels is worth it.


Do you watch Undercover Boss? What’s your favorite episode?


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  1. I was deeply touched by this episode. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Lorne Abony surely makes for one good man!

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