UPDATE: Algerian Hostage Crisis Ends, Questions Remain

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    During a previous islamist insurrection and terror campaign, two schools of thought contended in the Algerian government. One wanted to negotiate, try to free hostages with concessions and so forth. Another thought that killing them all and tough on the hostages, if there were any, was the way to go. The later, aka “eradicateurs” won.
    In addition, as Richard Fernandez says at Belmont Club, the world is going to find out how to get along without the US, Seals, Delta, Marines. Nor can anybody in his right mind bank on the luck the Israelis had at Entebbe.
    So, even if the Algerians were trying, it’s not going to go well, more than likely, and they don’t think they ought to try. Eradicate seems to be their strategy and it would be hard to argue with it, unless you were a hostage, I suppose.

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