US Navy SEAL Loses His Life During Rescue Mission

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  1. SEALS are notorious for being players. They have a gf in every town they are posted in and keep multiple women in the loop. Had too many bad experiences with them.

  2. @Sienna- funny how that is- go to work expecting to get killed and firewall the throttle during playtime….
    Me I’ve never met a SEAL & not been impressed by his intellect.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    From time to time, with a hurricane coming, the powers that be will order an evacuation of a threatened area and tell the folks that, if they stay, rescuers will not be put at risk to save them.
    Question might be expanded to this situation. Do we tell people who choose to go into areas where the risk is very high and known to be so that we will not send our troops to rescue them?

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