US Navy SEAL Loses His Life During Rescue Mission

They are everything society says is masculine, but they are still human.

When you hear the words Navy SEAL what is the first thing that you think of? Terms like fearless, strong, infallible and untouchable spring to mind. They are the elite, the best of the best. They are the epitome of what our society considers to be masculine. They do what no one else can. Navy SEALs willingly put their lives on the line again and again to protect those who are not in a position to protect themselves. But they are men like any other, just trying to do their job to the best of their abilities. They are human, like you and me. This is never more obvious than when one of these elite soldiers loses their life in the line of duty, which is exactly what has happened, as CNN reported this morning.

An elite U.S. special forces team rescued an American doctor who had been abducted in Afghanistan, but lost one of their own members in the mission.

A U.S. official said the man who was shot dead belonged to the Navy’s Special Warfare Development Group, more commonly known as SEAL Team Six. The elite unit is the same one that took part in the raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Dr. Dilip Joseph, along with two staff members from his nonprofit group Morning Star Development were abducted early Wednesday morning while returning from a rural medical clinic. While it is still unclear as to who abducted them, CNN reports  that the two staff members  were released Saturday evening after three days of negotiations.  Shortly after their release SEAL Team Six rescued Dr. Joseph.

Sometime Saturday night, military forces rescued Joseph in a mission ordered by Gen. John Allen, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said Joseph was believed to be in imminent danger of injury or death when the rescue mission was launched.

Although this recent mission to rescue an American citizen held against his will should be seen as a success, we should never forget the brave men who place themselves in the path of danger to defend our citizens living and working abroad. Regardless of how any of us may personally feel about the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, it is helpful to remember that war costs us not only human lives, but the lives of many of our best and bravest, and we are the poorer for their loss.


Picture: Official U.S. Navy Imagery/Flickr

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    From time to time, with a hurricane coming, the powers that be will order an evacuation of a threatened area and tell the folks that, if they stay, rescuers will not be put at risk to save them.
    Question might be expanded to this situation. Do we tell people who choose to go into areas where the risk is very high and known to be so that we will not send our troops to rescue them?

  2. @Sienna- funny how that is- go to work expecting to get killed and firewall the throttle during playtime….
    Me I’ve never met a SEAL & not been impressed by his intellect.

  3. SEALS are notorious for being players. They have a gf in every town they are posted in and keep multiple women in the loop. Had too many bad experiences with them.

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