VIDEO: Grandfather Saves His Family From “Tornadoes of Fire”

Holmes said, “Everything was on fire and it was just exploding all over the place.”

A grandfather in Tasmania, Australia, saved his family from “tornadoes of fire” with his quick thinking. Tim Holmes, his wife Tammy, and their 5 grandchildren were trapped by a sudden wildfire and would have surely perished if Holmes had not directed them to the family’s jetty. After the jetty itself caught fire as well, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes dropped directly into the sea with the children, who range in ages from under 2 to 11-years-old, and clung to the underside of the jetty for three hours. The family escaped after Mr. Holmes was able to recover his dinghy. NBC News reports that Holmes said,

The next thing we knew everything was on fire, everywhere, all around us. There was no other escape.

Thankfully all five children and their grandparents made it through the ordeal unscathed, and were reunited with their parents later the next day.

Watch the video:

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Photo: AP/File

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