Video: Mitt Romney – Off the Rails or Passionate About His Faith?

In the video above, a conversation held by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and radio host Jan Mickelson of WHO-AM Des Moines turns heated when Romney seems to feel challenged about his knowledge about Mormonism.

This is a different side of Mitt Romney, the polished and dashing candidate. This is a man who seems angry. Or does he simply seem passionate about the cause?

What do you think about this video? Is Mitt Romney going off the rails or simply defending his faith and pro-life stance?

Would a video like this affect his voter base?

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  1. “Mormons are extremely Christian, as only a superficial investigation would indicate.”

    That is the problem, as I see it. I do not mean to be disrespectful but I don’t want someone handling middle east policy who thinks the only way to end war there is for Christ to descend from the heavens and split the Mount of Olives. I don’t care whether Romney is a Mormon or not but I do care that he believes biblical doctrine so literally.

  2. This video is from the 2008 election, first of all. There’s a reason why Romney stopped meeting with radio hosts in this election cycle – they just want to make a headline or stir up some controversy. That radio host in particular kept interrupting Romney without allowing him to finish his thoughts.

    In terms of LDS faith, I think that Romney shows that he understands the doctrines quite well, and defends them quite well. In the 2012 election cycle he has completely restrained himself from speaking about those doctrines and beliefs. I think that has been an important factor in this go-round and a well calculated one as well. America is mostly over the fact that he’s mormon. He has proven that he will not be a peon of the church if elected. That’s good enough.

    Mormons are extremely Christian, as only a superficial investigation would indicate.

  3. wellokaythen says:

    P.S. I got the sense that the interviewer and the listeners were a lot more sympathetic to Romney’s point of view than Romney thought they were. He probably missed a great opportunity to sway some people who might have voted for him. Probably some non-LDS Christian Iowans who wanted to hear that he basically believes the same things they do and that “it’s okay, Mormons are still Christians.” This outburst doesn’t help make that case….

  4. wellokaythen says:

    Even though I’m an agnostic, I think it’s understandable that Romney may be a little tired of the way that Mormons are often portrayed and misunderstood and made fun of. He doesn’t want his church membership to take center stage or to be totally defined by it.

    But, here he seems to want it both ways. He says his faith is important to him, and he knows all about what the Mormon faith teaches, and how dare you say you know more about it than I do, but then he says he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He says, basically, “I’m not running as a Mormon, but I am running as a person of faith, and don’t ever forget that I’m a Mormon, but I don’t want to talk about it, except when I bring it up myself.”

    You can’t bring up an issue over and over again and then get mad when other people bring it up from a different angle. That just looks bad, and it makes you look a little unbalanced.

  5. Christ ‘splits the Mount of Olives’ and stops the wars?? Then he goes off to…Missouri??? WTF? Well, the Russians now know how to get Romney upset, just criticize Mormonism.

    • Don’t forget the army of 200 Million – which means until either India Or China decide to get involved and a bit fractious the globe will be protected by a simple lack of logistics.

      I do agree though – as Mormonism is a Prophetic Religion placing Prophecy above Reality, there will need to be very clear checks and balances so that Mitt and His Mates don’t decide to have a go at helping prophecy along.

      Why Missouri? I would have thought Florida would be better, and the weather is so much more conducive to getting naked.

  6. Well – It sure aint “The West Wing”.

    The Politician Doth Protest Tooooooooo Much! Perhaps he drank too much Red Bull?

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