Viral Photo of Tyler Seguin Raises Big Questions

What does it say about our society when an apparently photo-shopped photo of the Bruins’ Tyler Seguin and his supposed groupies goes massively viral? 

This image (above) of Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin has been making the rounds all week in our news feeds and email inboxes.

When we asked a famous Boston sports reporter about it, he said, “it’s a Photo shop….already been debunked…still, tough on those girls…”

It seems photoshopping has become the 21st Century version of prank phone calls… Except with much greater implications due to the potential for rapid-fire distribution.

But there’s something bigger here that we should be questioning.

The idea that the “sharing” of information is important—even if that information is wrong. Fake posts, false accusations, outing people who text sexy photos—people no longer seem to care if they trust the source or not, or what the consequences will be if they are wrong.

What do you think? Is this just a harmless prank or putting the reputations of people on the line?

What does the fact that this photo went viral say about what we value as a society, and what we think of men, women and sex?

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  1. I thought the sign was hilarious because it looked like
    It embarrassed him and was more of a women be empowered by
    their own sexuality. I like the 1st sign better, it’s alot more classy.
    Life isn’t fair and even. Stop wasting your time
    Talking about a concept that can’t exist. Men and women can never be
    Equal. I’ll never have a child or nurse, and you’ll
    never get a women pregnant. Is that equal?
    Give me a break. We compensate each other with our different
    Strengths. Stop trying to make a painter
    Into a mechanic and vice versa. Progressives
    Talk about diversity but then deny its existence with
    Equality insanity. How equal is to have a women get paid
    The same as a man and also leave the child with strangers,
    and have a poor women or minority women watch them for
    Not even close to equal pay. If your talking about
    Equality how about paying stay at home moms or dads
    Their fair share for cleaning, cooking, managing, accounting,
    Psychotherapist, lover, coordinator.


  3. The girls’ original joke (while crass and not my style) was at least more creative in it’s own right then a joke about sucking dick. It’s a shame that their own dirty joke couldn’t have been more celebrated among hockey fans that know the lingo without someone coming in and having to make it about a kind of “put those girls in their place thing” and make a joke about them servicing someone, especially has high school girls. And I really don’t how how to take it any other way because often when comments are made about girls sucking dick, it’s made as a way to establish male dominance in a way and put women in their place kind of deal. These jokes aren’t made for equality. Otherwise it would have been: “Tyler, you sucked our pussies in highschool, remember us?” But this would have set the image that he was servicing them..and it’s so much better and funnier when it’s women servicing men in alot of society’s popular dick sucking jokes.

    Would this be just as funny if it was an image of a man and woman and the photoshopped sign was, “I took you for every penny you were worth!” With a big smile and a women giving the thumbs up sign or patting the guy on the back? My guess is no. My guess is that would anger a good number of men that want to be treated with equality from women. Because then it would be about humilating a man. And it’s okay to humilate women, even with jokes, if a guy is being shown as a big stud getting his dick sucked by multiple women . And that is why the second sign went viral and the first real one didn’t. Because it was funnier and more catching to make a joke at these women’s expense then celebrate the joke they made themself and their own personal creativity.It’s funnier to make jokes about putting women in their place and sucking dick then it is to celebrate these women’s joke. And that is what is interesting about this. It does say something.

    And I agree with the article that said the idea that sharing all information is “important” even when it’s false and just mindless is so much of a social issue now-a-days.

  4. John Schtoll says:

    Actually, I think this article says more about how much we overreact to the slightest bit of off colour humor. PC has gone too far.

    • wellokaythen says:

      And how do we know this is the original version of the sign? Because another website says so?….

      Epistemological crisis, here. How do we really know what we think we know?

  5. I saw this image forwarded in an email by an old hockey teammate, and I laughed. I also instantly assumed it was probably photoshopped, because I’m tech-savvy enough not to believe every sign I see on the Internet is real, and this one did not seem very plausible.

    I don’t think it says anything about what society thinks of men, women, and sex. I think it says something about the age of instant mass communication we live in where every person is a broadcaster, and what gets broadcast is not subject to careful consideration or editorial review. I don’t think people in the past were really all that different – I think they just didn’t have the tools of mass communication at their fingertips, and now they do. So now we get faked pictures of girls holding up embarrassing signs at sporting events, and squirrels with giant balls, because it takes so little effort to pass along something that gave you a chuckle to everyone you know.

    • wellokaythen says:

      The viral version of the photo is also not believable because of the way that sporting events are managed today. You might be able to flash such a sign once for a few minutes before it gets taken away from you, and it might even get you kicked out of the rink. Is there a fan out there so eager to be funny that she will pay top dollar for on-the-boards seats and then get kicked out without a refund? Seems unlikely, so this kind of sign in that setting is highly unlikely.

      What does it say about our society that such a sign could get you kicked out of a sporting event that you paid for, when it makes fun of no one but yourself?

      The baseball and football tickets today actually say you can get kicked out of the park for using rude or insulting language when referring to the players, coaches, refs, or other fans. That’s about 90% of my team spirit!

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