News of Another School Shooting Interrupts VP’s Press Conference on Gun Control

In a moment that is all too telling about the realities of living in the United States today, CNN’s coverage of Vice President Joe Biden’s press conference about the need for changes to gun control policy was interrupted by a Breaking News report announcing that 2 people had been shot at a high school in Taft, California this morning. The suspect is in custody.

Think Progress has the story:

During the meeting, Biden floated the idea of implementing “universal background checks, not just closing the gun show loophole” and limiting the availability of high capacity magazines. “The last area is the whole subject of the ability of any federal agency to do research on gun violence,” he said.

The United States has experienced at least 33 school shootings since Columbine. Some of the violence occurred near Taft High School.

When, and how, will it end? When will our children be safe?



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  1. In response to the “assault weapons” statement.

    The weapons you’re most likely referring to are now called “homeland defense weapons.” Assault weapons are worth $10K+. Thanks.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    WRT mental health initiatives. See the Rosenhan experiment. Good info, including Wiki.

  3. I saw someone mention this attacker targeted people, for some reason that sounds like he only wanted to harm a few people in particular. Was he bullied? It doesn’t sound like a typical random-target school shooting but more of a targeted hit.

    “When, and how, will it end? When will our children be safe?”
    Your children aren’t safe even if there were no firearms, bullying is rife in schools and has long-lasting damages (for me it meant 10+ years of major social anxiety, depression, lack of employment).

    How will it end? Probably never will, we can try to make mental health services better whilst stamping out both bullying, and abuse since violence can bring on a cycle of violence. Better gun control will also help. Find out why the shooters go on the shooting spree’s though, try to stop them from whatever initial issue causes them to want to kill others.

  4. Kacerdias says:

    Cue the hoplophobic media hysteria ramming gun control as a panacea for mental illness to “save the children” in 5… 4… 3…

    • brasinburst says:

      cue the apologists for gun nuts who absolutely must have their assault weapons at all costs in 5…4…3…

    • How many school shootings have there been in countries with gun control, do you know?

      A quick and not completely reliable check says:
      In the entirety of Europe in the last 100 years there have been 20.
      In South America there have only been 13 recorded in 80 years.
      In Canada there have been 11 in over 100 years.

      In the U.S. there have been 20 in 12 years. And over 100 in 60 years. It reached so many that Wikipedia have shortened the list to “notable” shootings, because you know if only one or two kids are shot, who cares anymore. As long as I have the right to carry a gun. Right?

      Also, I’m pretty sure Europe, South America and Canada have mentally ill people too.

      • Richard Aubrey says:

        The shootings that seem to get the ink, and promote massive efforts to “do something” are pretty much crazy white boys shooting up places where up-scale white folks go to school or congregate–malls or theaters in white neighborhoods.
        The rest, some guy brings a gun to school and shoots somebody he really doesn’t like, doesn’t bother the chattering classes very much at all. Hardly raises a ripple. But those are most of the actual shootings, and those are where the cumulative victim count comes from.
        And the shootings out on the streets? Meh. Nobody who is anybody,except the next of kin, cares.
        Problem is, gun owners can see this, plain as dead fly in a bowl of cream. (h/t Miller).
        And the legal gun owners suggest you go after those guys, who do most of the gun homicides.
        Except legal gunowners, being law-abiding, are easier marks.

  5. Cue the hysterical wingnut accusations of a carefully-timed conspiracy in 5… 4… 3….

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