Wal-Mart Announces Intent to Hire 100,000 Veterans Over Next 5 Years

This decision will make a significant difference for U.S. military veterans who before could not find work.

Wal-Mart will be announcing later today that it will hire every veteran who comes to them looking for work. According to the New York Times there are a few conditions however, veterans must have left the military within the last year, and they cannot have been dishonorably discharged. Even with these stipulations, the five-year hiring plan, which officially starts on Memorial Day, should employ at least 100,000 veterans.

This could make a significant dent in the unemployment rate for vets that has, according to Newser been “stuck well above the national average.” In 2012 the average was right around 10% for military veterans. First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made it her mission to champion causes such as this for US vets, has praised Wal-Mart’s “historic” move. She said, “Wal-Mart is setting a groundbreaking example for the private sector to follow.”

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  1. soullite…. See the post above on the rise in gi suicides

  2. soultite…How is this not normal? Lets look at recent history. When soldiers,especially soldiers of color, came home from VN, they were met the with hatred-mostly from liberals-and the usual litany of broken promises from the fed about taking care of their needs.Many of these men were mentally ill and suffered from PTSD,which was hard to prove and the feds had to be sued over the course of decades to even recognize its existance.

    Same thing with agent orange, a deadly defoiliate used to destroy jungles during the war in VN that killed and injured many soldiers.The feds simply said they never used it,in spite of stock military footage showing its use by shirtless GISs covered in the stuff. Many of the soldiers of this war died homeless on the streets of America. Some estimated that at some point up to 75% of the homeless were former VN vets.

    WW2 saw the same thing happen. Jobless African Americans GIS pissed off at the lack of support and jobs post war, rioted across the country in protest. White male solidiers were also upset to find that the jobs they left were now held by white and black women-many of whom had to give back their jobs once the white men came home.

    Should I cover the Civil War, where you were lucky if you got paid. Where thousands and thousands of men roamed the country, aimless, penniless,limbless and mentally ill from the war?

    Tell me this…is it neccessary to fight a war to get a crappy job at Wal Mart? Who will marry you? You will be locked into a nowhere job,with little prospects for growth.What kind of future is that? wE ARE WWWWWAYYYYY past normal my friend.

  3. …Is there someplace else men can live?…this shit isn’t working.

  4. Fight a war,loose a limb,get PTSD,get a job a Wal Mart.Thanks Michelle!

  5. Fight a war,loose a limb,get a job a Wal Mart.Thanks Michelle!

  6. In isolation, this might not be so bad. If it became the norm, given the fact that we’re in era of seemingly unending massive unemployment, you could create a situation where the only realistic path a man has for a job is through the military. You will, in essence, be forcing men to risk their life and limbs just to be able to eat.

    This cannot be allowed to be a ‘normal’ situation. Helping vets that exist now is good. Creating a situation where most men have to become vets in order to get jobs will not be remotely good. That has to be guarded against, because it will be a result of having too many hiring programs that favor veterans. You can create a system without meaning to, and once in place, systems are very hard to change.

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