Wanna Man-Slap the Old Spice Dude?

Everyone wants a piece of the Old Spice Man.

First, Axe poked fun on a billboard, asking men if they’d rather be with a woman or on a horse. Now Brut has a feature called “Some Men Need to Be Slapped” where you can choose from three items with which to slap an Old Spice Man lookalike (holding a … stuffed pony?). Because the former NFL player with a baritone voice and washboard abs isn’t manly enough, I guess.

So the manly shower products are battling it out, hoping their brand of man is who you want to be. But if you want the real lowdown on how to make showering awesomely manly, check out this amazing post by Allie Brosch over at Hyperbole and a Half. A quick excerpt:

Are you constantly frustrated by your shower products? If the mere sight of a loofah sends you into a gender-confusion-driven psychotic rage, you need the Shower Hammer!

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