Wanted: Editors for the Politics, Education, and Humor Sections of The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is looking for a few good editors — to head up and lead sections on Politics, Education, and Humor. You can also pitch a custom section that draws upon your strengths and connections.

For Politics, we’d like an editor who can look at provocative topics in any political debate thoughtfully. This perspective shouldn’t be middle-of-the-road, pandering to both sides or drawing false equivalences, but we believe there is a place where we can debate the individual issues without engaging in further polarization of sides or name-calling of candidates of people in office. Rather than looking at politics as a team sport or a horse race, we want to shift focus past the names and figureheads to the issues that affect real people. In particular, as a men’s magazine with a distinct social conscience, we want to think about the laws and policies that most affect men. Custody laws, support for dads who can’t pay child support, health care initiatives, same-sex marriages, homelessness, prison, guns, the lobbying sector, war, are just a few of the political issues that affect men in unique ways. Other issues, like economic and regulatory struggles, have broader effects that can affect men’s lives in subtler, less direct ways. What kinds of policy have worked in the real world to address these issues, and what issues are still going unaddressed?

For Education, we are looking for an Editor who can help us find the stories that help change the problems and inequalities in our Educational system. We ’d like to start with education of boys — how they are taught, what they are learning, how our education system is working for them or against them. We’d like to look at alternate education models: world schooling, home schooling, online learning, lifelong learning. We want debates, thoughtful policy pieces, and how our educational systems affect everyone — with, of course, the emphasis on boys and men.

For Humor — Men are Funny. That’s the name of the section, and that’s what we believe. There is humor in everything, when you get at truths in unexpected ways. We’d like this section to be rich, diverse and multi-media — the written word, the spoken word, the stand-ups, the videos. Tone can run the gamut from slapstick to sophisticated, as long as it ties back to our core brand of stories about, by and for men.


— Create a community of contributors of people who care about these issues and who can write about them clearly and compellingly.

— Curate and edit the best of content The Good Men Project.

— Post a minimum of 4-5 pieces of content per week.

— Work with the publisher to create an editorial vision of what the site might be and what would make it engaging, dynamic and successful.

— Develop relationships with other, larger media companies who have audiences that would be interested in this content and can help drive pageviews back to our site. We’d like you to develop relationships with other editors and work with them on cross-promotion. We also suggest that you know or want to learn social media.

About The Good Men Project

Since launching 2 years ago, The Good Men Project has become a leader in the discussion of men’s issues and men’s stories. It takes a look at men from multiple viewpoints and challenge existing stereotypes in a way that no other media outlet does. With over 7 million visitors since the site launched, and upwards of 3.5 million pageviews every month, The Good Men Project is has indeed sparked a lively, provocative and relevant discussion about “What does it mean to be a good man?” – the goal and mission for the project that was established from day one.


Editors will be compensated based on monthly pageviews to the section. The rate we pay is 50 cents per 1,000 pageviews.  Please note that starting off, compensation will be quite small, if any – we need someone who is understands the big picture opportunity and is doing it for the connections, experience and training that we will provide. Interested candidates should feel free to discuss exactly how much compensation can be expected at that rate over the coming months/year. You are also, of course, welcome to talk to other Editors here to ask what they have gotten out of working at The Good Men Project and what results they have and expect to receive. We ask for at least a 3-month commitment.


Interested candidates should contact publisher Lisa Hickey at lisa@goodmenproject.com

Photo: avlxyz / flickr

About Lisa Hickey

Lisa Hickey is CEO of Good Men Media Inc. and publisher of the Good Men Project. "I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public and become part of the popular culture for years to come." Connect with her on Twitter.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I am very interested in this position. I raised two boys primarily on my own and as a licensed marriage family therapist, I think I have a unique perspective. Visit my website and let me know your thoughts.

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