Was Karl Rove Really Canned by Fox News?

Was Karl Rove actually fired by Fox News?


As many headlines are saying, he’s been benched… For now.

He’s not off the team, just sitting this one out.

It’s not all that surprising. He was pretty much humiliated on election night after falsely claiming that his candidate, Mitt Romney, still had a chance to win the Presidential election.

Not only was he wrong about that, he had publicly criticized Fox News for conceding the election too early.

Aside from his gaffes, the election is done  and Rove is naturally going to be less important to the network as the news shifts to other topics.

So why did Twitter explode last night with the news?

I suspect for many liberals, it’s a sense of Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead! The man whom we imagine as the mastermind behind the George W. Bush puppet presidency, the man whose shadowy power seemed to go completely unchecked, is finally (possibly) getting some due karma.

For more than a few conservatives, there’s probably a sense of relief too. He’s just another bloated, rich white guy who is completely out of touch with the rest of America, and cares more about being powerful than about doing what’s right for the country. The forward-looking Republicans know that for the party to come back into power, candidates need to be more approachable, relatable, and show that they truly understand the struggles of working Americans.

But in reality, Karl Rove will probably appear on Fox News again, and probably soon. He’ss a Washington insider, and a good TV personality: blustery, inflammatory, polarizing… If Fox News were smart, they’d give him a reality show.


For more on Karl Rove, be sure to read Greg Olear’s examination of the Anonymous/Karl Rove Election-Fixing Conspiracy Theory.

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  1. “The forward-looking Republicans know that for the party to come back into power, candidates need to be more approachable, relatable, and show that they truly understand the struggles of working Americans.”

    Yes. As a life time GOP member, I can tell you the party leadership is in denial. But, this party leadership has long lost credibility. it’s just another establishment party representing corporate and special commercial interest. In the last three presidential elections, I have voted for the libertarian and Green Party candidates.

    Look at how Boehner is purging the Tea Party members from powerful house committees. It is going to back fire in 2014. Most Tea Party candidates were opposed to the bailout. Most are opposed to crony capitalism. Most want nothing to do with social issues such as abortion, religion, etc. It is all about fiscal stuff – the size and scope of government.

    Yes, there are few nut cases. But they were defeated.

    Karl Rove and Dick Morris are done. I am sure they will get their millions from some think tank….But, I want to see a party that is truly inclusive and not always threatening to send some Hispanic mother or grandmother back to Mexico. That’s a great way to get more Hispanic votes (sarcasm).

    To me Romney was just an establishment RINO worm. I cannot believe Ann Coulter thought he was like God. She even thought he was a better candidate than Reagan. Ha! What was she drinking?!

    I am convinced we have better ideas and solutions than the Dems. Our message is just terrible.

  2. I don’t really believe that Karl Rove was “humiliated” by stating that Romney still had a chance. As with more than half of the popular votes, America did agree with him. And to say that he is just another bloated, rich white guy out of touch with America does not say anything about facts, it is just rude comments. But the topper to say that Republicans need a candidate to understand the struggles of America. It is really unfair to say Romney didn’t understand because he has money. He is a successful man & wouldn’t we want someone that knows how to manage money running our country, not someone that dishes it out to laziness? I am not saying that there are not people that really need help, but it could be reduced at least 80 to 90%. I work 3 jobs to survive & 1 job is a grocery store where I receive countless payments by food stamps, so they can place their “free” groceries in Cadillacs & other very expensive vehicles. Not to mention the food that they are purchasing is very expensive, much better than what I am eating. I do not agree that the honest hard-working people should work to better themselves just to pass it over to the do-nothings!

    • @Shannon….

      The Republican party is just too white to represent America. We have a diverse society with varying concerns and interest.

      What was truly offensive about Romney was the 47% comment. Do you know some of those 47% are veterans, elderly on Social Security who need the Part D medicare plan, are middle class people who have seen their incomes drop in real terms for three decades!!!!! But, MR. Romney and other never mention all the special breaks they have in the tax code for their pals (like GE). Or how Hedge Fund Managers making millions pay on 15% because their earning are treated as special dividends….

      The reason we are now food stamp nations as Newt said is because the middle class has been decimated in this country. Do you know the average household income in America is only about $60K? And the two parties are bickering over whether the tax hike should be on those at $250,000 or $500,000. That the new middle class I guess.

      Also, most people on food stamps do not drive Caddys or expensive imports. Most live in impoverished areas and really struggle. You make it sound like they lead this grand middle class existence. In most inner cities, there are no supermarkets! Easier to find a liquor store.

      There is lots to be done. But, we can start by stop subsidizing the upper class and wealth with all kinds of tax breaks and subsidies..

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