What is the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Really?

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  1. You’ve forgot the other ‘half’ of ‘the cliff’. Spending cuts! If what I’ve read is accurate, it would be somewhere around 8% across the board (more for the military). Now, many say that’s a good thing. That we’ve become too dependant on ‘entitlements’ and they may be somewhat right. However, I don’t think most people realize that it’s not only people on a direct assistance sort of program who’s daily life is affected by government spending. The roads and bridges you travel.The electric grid and gas pipelines you depend on for energy to your homes. Various projects and services in your local community. These are also funded, at least partically by the Federal government. Look, all I’m saying is thatit’s going to be real interesting come Jan. 1 when people see, not only a bigger tax bill, but how across the board spending cuts affect their lives. Think of it as the ‘Double Whammy’, you pay more and get less!

  2. Yet the Congress is getting a pay raise. Although minimal, it’s still a raise. Aren’t raises based upon performance? 18% approval rating by those who pay their salary (tax payers) says to me, they deserve no raise.

  3. What happen to the “super pack?”

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