Why, Why, Manti? Schmoyoho Turns Katie Couric’s Hard-Hitting Interview Into a Song

This is pretty incredible.

In an interview that helped Americans get to know Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o a little better, Katie Couric asked the questions Americans really wanted to know.

The interview was compelling, and some may even say heartbreaking. But incredibly, Schmoyoho made it even more amazing by turning it into a song.

Schmoyoho is an extension of The Gregory Brothers, a musical group of three brothers (and one wife) who made their name with the general public with with Auto-Tune the News.

What do you think? Is Manti Te’o getting more hate from the public than he deserves?

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  1. Margie Davis says:

    “more than he deserves?” Why should he deserve any hatred at all? He didn’t kill somebody, rape anyone, steal anything. What is all this venom directed at a young, inexperienced kid. I didn’t hear anybody screaming that the people cheated by Bernie Madoff were idiots who deserve what they got, that they were somehow complicit in the scam — why should they get a pass? katie’s “interview” was simply a hatchet job. She glared at him, her body language, her sneering tone – she sure didn’t treat Lance Armstrong like that. She was unprepared – some knowledge of his Samoan culture would have made for a much more interesting discussion. Go on her fb page – overwhelmingly viewers were appalled by her joining the shrill haters, people who will never accomplish a fraction of what this young man has already done. It is a sorry statement on our culture. We’ve turned into a nation of bullies, a howling mob fit for Jerry Springer.

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