Why, Why, Manti? Schmoyoho Turns Katie Couric’s Hard-Hitting Interview Into a Song

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  1. Margie Davis says:

    “more than he deserves?” Why should he deserve any hatred at all? He didn’t kill somebody, rape anyone, steal anything. What is all this venom directed at a young, inexperienced kid. I didn’t hear anybody screaming that the people cheated by Bernie Madoff were idiots who deserve what they got, that they were somehow complicit in the scam — why should they get a pass? katie’s “interview” was simply a hatchet job. She glared at him, her body language, her sneering tone – she sure didn’t treat Lance Armstrong like that. She was unprepared – some knowledge of his Samoan culture would have made for a much more interesting discussion. Go on her fb page – overwhelmingly viewers were appalled by her joining the shrill haters, people who will never accomplish a fraction of what this young man has already done. It is a sorry statement on our culture. We’ve turned into a nation of bullies, a howling mob fit for Jerry Springer.

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