Will Kenneth Faried’s Public Stance on Gay Rights Make a Difference?

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Kathryn DeHoyos currently resides on the outskirts of Austin, TX. She is the News Editor for the Good Feed Blog and absolutely loves what she does. She is the happy mommy to a wild 2 year old girl-child, and is blissfully happy being un-married to her life partner DJ.


  1. Bravo Kenneth…but when are black athletes gonna speak out on others issues like gun violence in black communities, or on the chronic unemployment, or the mass incarceration of black youth. When are black athletes gonna DO something besides make oodles of money, which they wouldn’t BE making if not for another black athlete who risked everything-CURT FLOOD of OAKLAND.-and lost everything SO THAT all athletes, men and women, gay or straight could be free in the world of sports. For that matter, when are those people gonna stand up for someone besides themselves? This conversation is so out of balance?!

  2. Kathrn…the truth is that the NBA has discouraged black athletes from speaking out and being politically active to help other black people. There is a long, rich storied history of black athletes taking risks and speaking out against injustices and they have lost that edge, unless it is too help others, not black people.This is no accident. Ironically, white people then will criticize black people who help other black people as racist AND complain that blacks don’t do enough for themselves or to help themselves.In my opinion, for whatever that’s worth, today’s black athlete, who are following Michael Jordan’s model as the nonthreatening black man, the black man who won’t criticize America, the black-man who won’t point out racism when appropriate, is nothing more than a well-paid slave,a minstrel who lacks courage and integrity.

    They should be ashamed, considering what their recent ancestors went through–hello Jackie Robinson- and all those who were regulated to the other leagues because of the color of their skin, and those who couldn’t sleep in hotels,or eat in restaurants and ride on planes or buses, and who were cursed at and spat on by “fans”, you are an embarrassment. Maybe white fans will tell their kids to emulate you but I won’t. I tell the kids I coach, no matter what NBA marketing says, that they have special responsibility to do something for black kids because without the great sacrifices and remarkable strength of black athletes of the past they would be nothing today.

  3. Kenneth, I truly understand why you support the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, transgender issues and policies because you have a real profound story with the experiences in your life with your biological mom. For people that are REAL, whether it’s the good or bad, pro or anti. Life experiences is part of what shapes and molds us into being who we are. I think you are a very strong brother and very SECURE within your own skin. I hope I am not being hypocritical when I say I hope you are straight because straight sistas REALLY need brothas SECURE wihin their own skin. (smile, too serious for a lol, if you know what I mean). Take care of yourself, keep working on your game. Get that offensive presence you need because you definitely have the game to be an ALL-STAR!!! Hopefully, I’ll see you play in-person when you come to Washington, D.C. next year! Good luck on the rest of this year!

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