Veterans’ Wives Get Creative to Draw Attention to PTSD

A group of military wives whose husbands returned from combat with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) decided that if they were going to draw attention to the need for more and better help for their husbands, they were going to have to get creative.

And so they got naked. Well, nude is more like it. They emblazoned messages across their backs in the hopes that someone would finally pay attention to their pleas for help. Their goal is to have people talking about PTSD, to help remove the stigma, because ignoring it is causing too many deaths of our brave service members.

What do you think of their efforts? Will this tactic work?

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  1. I live in Iowa City, Iowa. There is a huge fancy VA center here. A wealthy renovated powerful VA center, but since my return from Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, that F**king place has never been able to help me at all. I served with great distinction, numerous awards etc, but whrn I returned, my country didnt care, as a LPN it took 6 months to get a job, and the love of my life, an RN of psych at that very same VA, was cheating on me the whole time with a murderer, woman batterer, beater, stalker, thief, who bragged he would kill and beat anyone in iowa City because as a garbage truck driver for the city of Iowa City, he was friends with them all, and if there ever was an arrest warrent for him due to his love of violence, and belief that he was one of the baddest-ass guys ever born in the Midwest, that the police wouldnt serve the warrent, that they would come to him, get on their knees and, do, you guess what….My insane Ex finace admitted she was addicted to violent controlling self absorbed men, the excitment of maybe being beat to death….The anxiety, the self hatred, the sorrow of believing in others and my military, and the VA with all its promises has been hell, and in 4.5 years of seeking treatment for anxiety, intrusive memories, self cutting, self burning, self mutillation, and cutting myself off from everyone, the VA in Iowa City kept offering only one thing-the Borderline Personality Disorder treatment “Stepps”. They basically said they had no other treatment to offer. I dont have BPD, that is a fact, so why stick me in with BPD types for 12 weeks? I am sure it would only make it worse. Now, I dream every day about the freedom from this personal hell, and never ending grinding lonliness by suicide, the VA in Iowa City, Iowa continues to offer only BPD treatment, or being locked up in their psych ward with that very same whore RN who was the last straw that broke my spirit once and for all. She admitted she brought me back only to dump me. She said people would think badly of her if she sent me a dear John letter, so I had to be dumped here so she could tell people, “We grew apart during the deployment, ” She never mentioned to those same people that she whored the whole time I was deployed with a murderer woman stalker/beater who vowed to kill anyone he wanted at any time. An RN in love with a evil piece of crap. A VA nurse who often said Veterans were a “dirty, socially low class” patient population who were beneath her to treat. So do I think the VA will see their insignificant efforts to treat PTSD need an overhaul? Well, lets put it this way, the barely competant RN who works psych treating vets with PTSD, simultaneously despising them as dirty and low class,makes over 60, 000.00 dollars per year from that same VA system.

    Seraphim Noir


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