WTF Is Wrong With People? Racist Outcry Against Obama Address

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  1. Honestly, how many tens or hundreds of millions of people are on twitter? How significant is it that a handful said something distasteful on the site? These are evergreen stories that are prime for media outlet plucking but which do not actually get down to the actual nuts and bolts of society’s response to various social, cultural, or political happenings.

  2. I think the issue is the systemic problem, not necessarily the medium. The nuts and bolts are that technology and the media both shape opinions. Lets simply look at the numbers. SNFonNBC has 122k followers. If i made a speech using racial terms towards the President of the US, for interrupting my football game in lieu of comforting those in pain, and a community ripped apart, what would happen if the audience was even a fraction of that many people? That would be significant and would have consequences. Hiding behind a twitter handle and spewing racist dogma may not. It is important and has impact for GMP or any other media outlet to talk about this so that maybe change can begin. If the problem was eradicated, they would not be ripe for evergreen content.

  3. I’m also reminded of some Football Fans on TV and saying some fascinating things such as “Those Little liars are destroying out team” – Never Forget Happy Valley, the place where Football and rape made a bed for kids to lie in! It’s not just media – It Is Mindsets.

  4. AnonymousDog says:

    Frankly, I’d be interested to know just how presidents end up addressing those kinds of memorial services. Do the local organizers invite the president, or does the WhiteHouse ask the local organizers for time for a presidential address?

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