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About Tom Matlack

Thomas Matlack is a venture capitalist.


  1. Tom,

    Thank you for starting these conversations, and thank God you have skin thick enough to withstand the criticism.

    Seven years ago, two of my best (male) friends got mixed up in the PUA community simply because they felt like there was no one who would listen to them, or who would understand their pain. In their minds, if they weren’t treated as “people,” then they shouldn’t have to treat women as “people” either. I felt helpless as I watched them become increasingly self-destructive.

    When I tried to engage them, to hear them out, I found that there really were no resources out there for men with pain. I wanted to have a conversation with them, but there were no models for that conversation. I knew they were Good Men caught in a downward spiral, but absent a problem with drugs or alcohol, there was no “script” to bring the out of it.

    Today, with the Good Men Project around, there is a model for positive conversations about gender and male pain. Thank you for starting this, and thank you for seeing it through.

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