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Tom Matlack is the co-founder of The Good Men Project. He has a 18-year-old daughter and 16- and 7-year-old sons. His wife, Elena, is the love of his life. Follow him on Twitter @TMatlack.


  1. Thank you, Tom! I couldn’t agree with you more that there is little space in the public sphere for men to be demonstrative in showing love and tenderness, and for wearing our hearts on our sleeves. And maybe particularly when it comes to our children. All the more reason to do so, and to lead the way. Who better to teach our children? There are great pieces here, and wonderful contributions that remind me of what is truly important.

    Thanks again.

  2. What a great, and very important, discussion. Men need to be encouraged to be open with their love and affection.

    Thanks Tom.

  3. Thank you for sharing one of the best nights of my life… Chris L let me know that there are some good men left in the world, and that I was lucky enough to find one. Thank you for giving Good Men the forum to be honest and open.

    Here’s the Good Men everywhere! xo

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