What Do You Think This Means?


My Mother-in-law just gave me this card for my 48th birthday.  It’s a hologram without a caption.  So please provide one in the comment section below and I will read them all out loud to her (so keep it reasonably clean…).  I am amused, confused, and in need of some laughs after the last week.

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Thomas Matlack is a venture capitalist.


  1. 1st pic
    Anything’s possible!

    2nd pic
    Or not…

  2. Dave mccartney says:

    <48, 48.

    Not a great caption, I know

  3. There may be hope for you after all.

  4. Tom Matlack says:

    A couple funny ones from FB:

    “I got it. I got it. I got…I ain’t got it.”

    ‘Yeah, y’know you WANT IT!’.

  5. Oh dear…

  6. Doug Zeigler says:

    Lift….and POOP!

  7. Oh gee thanks for the Dumbbells – but I really wanted an easy bake oven!

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