Applying Some Powerful Self-Grooming to the Scraggly Full Time Dad


A straight up, no BS product review to clean up your beard.


Let me say something at the start: I hate the idea of marketing useless crap to people. If I don’t like a product, I’ll say so. Moreover, I would never recommend some time consuming regimen that eats up your day. I don’t have the time or the patience for it and I doubt you do either.

Background: I’m the stay at home father of a seven year old. And, as such, I’m often, making pancakes, packing lunches, walking my son to school, spending time with him at the park, reading to him before he goes to sleep, and so on. I also have to manage a career and create some kind of social life in partnership with my wonderful wife. You parents know the drill.

The other dads I have come to know are a wonderful bunch of guys. They are amazing parents. They all raise their kids with a wonderful combination of wry humor and profound affection. But all us dads can sometimes look like we just don’t take very good care of ourselves. Scruffy would be the operative word. And a huge part of that is the beard thing. It would seem going out half shaven is part of being a full time Dad.

Trying out Norelco’s Beard Grooming Gear : So, let me cut to the chase. I’m being sponsored to talk about one possible solution. Norelco sent me a trimmer and an electric shaver. I spent a few weeks letting my beard grow out. Then, a week back, I got the Norelco QT 4070 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer, and trimmed my beard. Norelco also sent me the the Norelco AT830 Rechargable Cordless Tripleheader Razor and I use that to shave my neck.

Results: A week into it, I’ve used the rechargeable trimmer and electric razor several times. Why? Because its so friggin’ easy. I use the trimmer when my beard starts to look a little scraggly. It takes two minutes. It doesn’t require water or soap. I find I’m doing it regularly because it takes about as much time as combing my hair. Same with the electric razor. No soap or water, thirty seconds tops.

Summary: It may seem like an obvious thing, but  we dads can forget that looking well groomed can have a huge effect on how we are viewed in the world. Because our sweet little children don’t care how we look, we Dads can stop caring for a while. But sooner or later, it can become an issue.

Personally, I’ve taken on the grooming thing in part for my lovely wife. And I’ve really noticed a difference in how she is responding to me. It’s reflected in her comments and in how often she flirts with me. But I’m also taking it on for me. I feel better about the visual story I tell to other people. I feel like I’m about something more than just a dad. I’m feeling like a man who is covering the bases beyond peanut butter and jelly. If feel like I’ve emerged from the fog of baby/toddler raising and turned some attention back to myself. And this whole thing is so easy that its already become part of my daily process.

Bottom line: Dads? If you want a quick effective way to add some beard appeal back to dad land, these Norelco products are a great solution.

This post was sponsored by Norelco and written with sincerity by Mark and his beard.

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  1. A hard-hitting piece, no doubt.
    And topical: I think we are all that much closer to being good men now that we know about the many advantages of the (affordable) Norelco QT 4070 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer and Norelco AT830 Rechargable Cordless Tripleheader Razor.


  2. Well I like both looks, but it’s good to know such a good product is available. BTW it must be a hell of a tough piece of equipment. You look like you could scrub paint off of sheet metal after a couple of days.

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