Hard Work Is Faith

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About Paul Leroux

Paul Gregory Leroux is a translator, creative writer, and blogger from Ottawa, Canada. He is a published author of gay erotic short fiction. Most recently, he contributed "To Damn a Saint" to the anthology Don Juan and Men: Stories of Lust & Seduction (ed. Caro Soles)(MLR Press, Albion, NY, 2009). Paul is a political junkie, especially in an election year, as reflected in his blog, "A Transitory Yes." You can follow Paul on Twitter @ATransitoryYes.


  1. Roger Durham says:

    Nicely done, Paul. Thanks.

  2. « “Laborare est orare.” That’s Latin. It means, “To work is to pray.”»
    though i found your article truly inspring – the quote above is incorrect:
    actually it says «ora et labora» which means (you should) pray and work.

    • Hi Anne,

      Thank you for pointing this out to me. Turns out “Laborare et orare” is a phrase derived from Saint Benedict’s “ora et labora” and adopted by the Freemasons. But I’m glad you found my article inspiring just the same :)

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Oh boy.

    I went to 12 years of church school. Every Sunday learning about the bible and religion. And when it was all said and done, I weighed everything I had learned from the church and everything I had learned on my own and made the decision that I did not believe in god. And that religion is certainly not for me. Instead of praying, I act and speak out. Because I believe praying to be utterly useless.

    And then someone comes along and tells me I have been praying even if I didn’t know it. Ugh…

    Marriages survive on love, communication and hard work. Raising good kids is done in much the same fashion. Some people incorporate religion into that equation. That’s cool if that’s your thing. More power to you. But please don’t tell me I’ve been praying all my life and I just didn’t notice. It’s actually pretty insulting since I know for a fact none of the success I’ve experienced in life has been courtesy of god or religion.

    Working for a successful marriage and good kids is hard work, but it has nothing to do with prayer. I put my faith in myself and the people around me, not an imaginary being in the sky who is watching us all from a cloud.

  5. pillowinhell says:

    Hard work might be faith…but its faith in myself. Working for a good marriage is faith in my partner. Working hard at work is faith in my employers appreciation of the results I bring. Faith in benevolent powers requires acknowledging that a greater power exists and is working on my behalf. What you’re talking of certainly strengthen the discipline of belief, if you choose top put your life in service of a higher power. Otherwise, its faith in the people around you and in yourself at best, and taking care of necessity at worst.

  6. Thank you.

  7. Mason J Stewart says:

    There is a lot about Jesus preached the exact opposite. As people learn more they begin to question the religious process. GOD is informing you to look beyond man’s teachings and accept the Word of GOD. Faith is hard work because you learn how to interact with people while being obedient to the Word of GOD. Don’t be the one to commit immoral acts, not worth it.

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