In the Army Now: A Report from Iraq

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About Newman McKay

Newman McKay graduated from Centre College in Danville, KY in 2009. He is currently a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and is deployed to Iraq until Spring 2011.


  1. Colin S. says:

    Newman, remember that you have chosen a career (at least for now) in the Armed Services of your country. The key word being “service”. As with police, fire and paramedic services, when we choose to serve our country we accept that Congress (or in my case her Majesty) will send us to places that are not always the nicest and we are good with that – because we understand that our service allows the majority of our fellow citizens to enjoy those things that they take for granted; like cell phones, reality tv, drive thru food and yes, indoor plumbing.

    Have a safe tour and from one officer to another , remember that your senior NCO’s are a wealth of knowledge – to not take that knowledge as part of your development as a leader would be an opportunity wasted.

    Colin S,
    Lieutenant (Navy) – Canadian Naval Reserve
    former Adjutant, Theatre Support Element, Task Force Afghanistan

  2. David Wise says:

    Good luck and be safe! You gotta a whole lot of living to do when you get back.

  3. The pictures look to be from Ali Al Saleem air base, which is in Kuwait, not Iraq. And nobody spends their entire tour in a tent these days, so please stop suggesting this with your photos and selected details.

    Hell, even at Ali Al Saleem, they have indoor bathrooms in separate trailers. So you have to walk to the trailer over a few yards of stones – boo hoo. At least you aren’t in the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan living in a shithole and getting mortared nightly. Enjoy the ice cream and internet cafe and quit bitching. It isn’t like you got drafted or are the only one who’s been there.

    Nice try though.


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