The Cognitive Dissonance Of Love

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Jack Varnell is a writer, poet, photographer
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of Atlanta, GA.

He is a regular contributor at
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  1. Thank you for writing this. As a rapid cycle bipolar and survivor of child sex abuse, I understand her through your words in ways I wish I couldn’t. Still, thank you. I can never explain to others how my mental illness and problems really feel to me. I think if the people in my life read this, they could understand better. Your words describe in many instances how I feel in different cycles, the jagged dichotomy of both feelings felt and words that get spoken. I do these things, the pushing away and the pulling closer, often at once. Reading your sections here, I can see some of the things my loved ones try to say to me. The defensive hysterical deafness of the abused at times can let us hear you. Don’t give up; because at the root, the worst fear is that you could decide someday it’s not worth it. All the promises under heaven can’t make me believe without fear, while at the same time, a fractured and bleeding belief allows me to draw each labored next breath. – W.R.R.

  2. W.R.R. Thanks for reading and your heartfelt response. It sounds as if you are facing and dealing with the realities that are in this case. It isn’t always that way though I wish for my situation it had been. I hope you will stay the course and that all in your life will participate in the healing and understanding. I am not crass enough to say I understand what it may be like, but I hope those around you will try as hard as I feel I did in order to. At the core, love and support one for all is the answer. I hope all can remember and focus on that when the times get rough. Peace, and Be well.

  3. thank you Jack for this. I’m also a sufferer of bipolar disorder and have been abused in all sorts of ways as a child. I could relate to everything the girl has said, as i think I’ve said the same things in my relationship with my significant other. i hope to show this to him to explain my side more eloquently. thank you.

  4. Thank You DC. I decided to push this post back out there since I know folks miss things along the way. I am glad it had some positive impact. That is exactly why it was written. I appreciate you, not only reading , but for taking the time to let me know it was of some value to you. Best of luck to you in all you do, and be well…J

  5. Thank you, Jack. I have a twin sister with BPD, and some days are really rough. I can hear her voice in what you write, and I hope someday I can get throuh to her.

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