The Good Men Project Presents The Good Voice Campaign

All around us there are voices that deserve to be heard. A call for submissions to Good Men Project’s latest on-going series.

The Good Voice Campaign is a call for the profound, whimsical, sagacious, and flat out entertaining voices of everyday. Whether it is a quote from your grandfather, a conversation overheard on the subway, or advice given to you at the coffee shop, The Good Voice Campaign aims to exhibit the voices of everyday as they discuss the topics of everyday: love, sex, gender, race, relationships, family, parenting, education, etc.

Great dialogue, uplifting sentiments, and entertaining conversations do not only exist when written for film or a novel. Great quotes are not only found in history books and memoirs of well-known individuals. Terrific and insightful voices are heard each day; however, these bits of knowledge and insights are too often lost in time, heard by a select few, and reported only by those confident enough to articulate them.

The Good Voice Campaign urges you to keep an ear out wherever you go, and send all bits of dialogue, quotes, and overheard fragments of conversation to

Follow The Good Voice Campaign: @Good_Voice

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  1. […] The Good Voice Campaign is a collection of quotes, dialogue, advice, overheard fragments of conversation, and any other form of spoken word that deals with everyday topics and are expressed by everyday people. […]

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