The Pink Bow Tie: When Straight Men Dress Gay

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About Gregory Wazowicz

Gregory Wazowicz works for a publishing house in Manhattan, and lives with his husband in Brooklyn. They run a web site, documenting the highs and lows of being a binational gay couple, You can follow his baloney on Twitter @gregorjude.


  1. Maybe GMP should add a “fashion” category

  2. Been straight my whole life. I’ve dressed like a dandy my whole life. I’ve been wearing pinks, purples, and pastels since middle school. Dress shirts, naturally. Nothing wrong with being a dandy. I was just joking with a friend of mine about if I win my fantasy football league, I’ll spend the money on clothes. She said that was probably the first time in history that would happen.

  3. Peter von Maidenberg says:

    “After just eight years in New York, I was used to seeing men pay extra attention to their appearance, no matter where they fell on the Kinsey scale. This wasn’t anything new, at least for someone who came of age during the metrosexual phenomenon of the 1990s, and then working in publishing introduced me to the many foppish literary dandies who just love fucking women, and love to write about eating them out. GQ has been in print for over 50 years, and men have heeded The Sartorialist’s advice since I moved here.”

    Let’s just say that this is one area where the rest of the country is never going to catch up to New York. In most places, a man’s dress is not considered a valid way for him to express himself. It’s understood as a matter of being sociable and practical, and if you don’t conform, you’re sending signals people can’t decode. So you’re seen as neither of those things – or more likely put in the catchall male rule-violator category, “gay.”


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