Going Through Guyhood

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About Kevin Carty

Kevin Carty is a 20-year-old feminist frat boy and Political Theory major at Brown University. He loves coffee, punk rock, communitarianism, and the reformation of modern masculinity. He tweets from @PolitiCarty, and can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Marenamoo says:


    I am looking forward to following your progress in your blog. There are so many external pressures present today on young people because of – well because of the fact that so many people have their voices heard on the internet. Often the voices that are the loudest are the ones that are the least contemplative and somewhat divisive. I look forward to a well reasoned view of your journey.

    Best of Luck

  2. Welcome Kevin! It’s important that young men have a safe space to share their thoughts. Looking forward to reading the posts and will share with my son and encourage other young men to submit as well.

  3. Tom Janus says:

    Kevin…great idea. I’m sincerely looking forward to what will develop here. So I wish you the best.

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