Why Not Me? On Men and Relationships

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About Nick Jurczak

Nick Jurczak is a senior television-radio major at Ithaca College with a minor in writing and philosophy. In his writing studies he has worked with everything from autobiography and personal essay to television scripts. You can follow him on twitter @DJNickJ.


  1. What an incredibly condescending argument. Romantic success isn’t a corollary of personal quality.

    • Nick Jurczak says:

      This argument is not a generalized opinion of where relationships come from, but more from the perspective of when people ask how a particular person could have a relationship (they are basically insulting a particular person) and they themselves do not. It’s something I have seen over and over again with multiple people.

      I’ll agree that romantic success is not a matter of personal quality. These same people who complain about how they don’t have the success others do have great qualities about them and I do believe with some time and faith that they will have their own relationships, however they should not compare their qualities to another person and basically say that said person does not deserve the relationship they have but they do.

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