7 Tips To Bring Back Your Virility the Natural Way

Dr. Stephen Petteruti talks about some non-pill-based ways to address erectile problems.

If you’re a man past age 30, you’re probably wondering “is this as good as it gets”?

Remember the good old days when merely thinking about Susie’s sweater would be enough to put you in a froth? Remember when the bell to end the class would ring and you couldn’t stand up because you had a pole in your pants?

Okay, so you’ll never be 18 again, but you can still enjoy a rich, vital and frisky sex life until you breathe your last breath. Even if you’ve had problems in that department lately, here’s some natural, healthy tips that will help, without prescriptions or side effects:

1. Quit smoking already!  As if the smoke isn’t enough to turn off most women (or men, for that matter), over time all that tobacco will damage blood flow to your penis to the point where it’s just not going to work. By the time symptoms begin, the damage is already there.

2. Power train. Jogging may be great if you like to race, but there’s nothing like lifting weights to stimulate testosterone and enhance libido and erectile function.

3. Check your medicine cabinet. Certain prescription and even over-the-counter drugs can devastate your sex drive and leave your erections weak. Antidepressant drugs, beta blocker drugs, statin drugs, even antihistamines can contribute to taking the air out of your balloon.

4. Make sure happy hour stays happy.  When you’re young, alcohol relaxes inhibition and could be a sexual enhancer. As you mature, the sedating power of the drug takes over, leaving you tired and not much of a partner when the lights go off.

5. Lose the beer gut.  If your abdomen measures greater than 40 inches in its largest circumference, odds are the fat cells are converting testosterone into estrogen. This process called “aromatization” happens more vigorously as your weight goes up, especially as it gathers in the midsection.  Reduced sex drive and difficulty with erections come first, Beware! Gynecomastia, aka man boobs, may be next!

6. Try some supplements. L-arginine, ginkgo biloba, Co-Q 10, DHEA, and pregnenolone among other can have restorative value to your energy and hormone levels.

7. See your doctor. Lost sex drive and difficulty with erections should be considered a vital sign, and can be a symptom of something even worse. If things are not working well for you in the sexual department, see your doctor. Heart disease, brain tumors, hormonal irregularities can all be contributing to this condition. This is a solvable problem for almost every man. If your doctor cannot lead you to the promised land, find a new physician.



About Stephen Petteruti

Dr. Stephen Petteruti took a unique path to become a very special kind of doctor. Triple Board Certified in Medical Weight Loss, Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine, and Primary Care, Dr. Petteruti has been pursuing his passion for greater than 20 years. He brings his unique combination of empathy, intellect, clinical and didactic experience to change the lives of the patients he encounters. Holistic, comprehensive, complete and driven to pursue the solutions to the most difficult of problems, Dr. Petteruti has a style of practice that is rare to find.You can find Dr Petteruti on his website The Petteruti Center.com, on Facebook ,Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. FlyingKal says:

    8. Find a partner who is actually attracted to you and interested in mutual satisfaction.
    IME, few things are more detrimental to virility and a healthy libido than a disinteresed partner.

  2. Dr. Stephen Petteruti says:

    Some doctors may choose to use testosterone supplements despite the presence of morbid obesity. However, since excess adiposity can not only blunt testosterone but also convert into an unhealthy form of estrogen, the best practice of medicine calls for control of weight prior to introducing drug therapy.

    Often the weight loss along will correct low testosterone. It is unfortunate that most health insurance companies won’t cover medical weight reduction. Yet the modest investment is clearly worth making given the alternative of persistent unhealthy weight.

  3. My husband has Low T….Could be caused by the 3 major back surgeries he has had within the last 3 years. He was receiving Testosterone injections, from Dr. Petteruti, but was then told that he needed to lose the weight by using The Petterutti Centers weight loss program, which is not covered by insurance. When he told the dr that, he was told well, if you lose the weight, I will give you back your testosterone injections. Needless to say, we followed the advice of Number 7 in that if your doctor cant help, find another physician.

  4. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    I need to put in my usual plug for Viagra. Works well. I’m not very overweight, hardly drink, and am in good physical shape– but I do take a statin and an antidepressant. I’m 67.

  5. L.DONATELLI says:

    Just want everyone to know how dr. petteruti helped my husband come back from a huge surgery. My husband was looking at disablility and his primary care physician was ready to put him on anti depressants. Needless to say we had not been together romantically for more than 6 months. I had heard about Dr. petteruti from a friend in RI. We decided to give a try. with in one month my husband was back to work part time and never went on anti-depressants. that was in july of 2012. his surgery was in may 1 2012. by the end of the year my husband and i were hiking and going on trips!!!! he has gained weight and back to work full time. He was even back to splitting wood for our fire place! i was glad that our insurance coverd his specialty but truth be known i would go any way. You cannot put a price on good health!!! We love Dr. petteruti and his staff, he not only took care of my husband but also took the time to talk to me about what i could do to help my husband recover.The workd needs more docs like him!!!!!! He should write a book…look forward to hearing more from him!

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