Are You a Total Guy? (If Yes, Be In It To Win It)

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Total Cereal and Men’s Health want to give America’s most well-rounded guy a trip for two to New York City.

New Total logoWe’ve talked on this very site how we think definitions of men should be all inclusive. Get outside the man-box. Be as unique and individual as you want. Which means you can be a “total guy” and still be everything else in the world you want to be.

And here’s your chance to prove it.

Total Cereal and Men’s Health are working together to celebrate the “Total Guys” — men who balance families, friends, careers, men with a variety of interests, but who are also living fit and healthy lives. Yes, there will be a winner (we never said guys weren’t competitive, after all). One winner will receive a trip to NYC for two, will be featured in the pages of Men’s Health and will win a one-year supply of Total cereal and a consult with a fitness and nutrition experts. Enter by midnight of June 10th for your chance to win.

boxDoes Total Cereal help you be a total guy? We think so. Total Cereal is designed specifically with men’s nutrition in mind — it knows what today’s man needs to kick start his mornings and power through his active days. 100 percent whole grain flakes, 100 percent daily value of 12 vitamins and minerals — and all in 100 calories per serving — means 100 percent good for guys on the go.

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This post was sponsored by Total Cereal.

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