Dating with Asperger’s and Other Mental Health Issues. Should You Tell Her (or Him?)

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  1. Will Best says:

    It needs to be said because it could be a deal breaker for the other in terms of progeny as well.

  2. My father has Asperger’s I believe, though he’s never been diagnosed. High IQ, math genius, no empathy, hyper controlling, weird interests, obsessive compulsive, rigid ideas about rules, throws temper tantrums, screams at people when he’s annoyed.

    My childhood was a nightmare. Frankly, his Asperger’s made him an extremely abusive parent. My sisters and I were emotional wrecks by the time we left home. My mother was terrified of him. There was no way to stand up to him – he wasn’t physically abusive, but his screaming rages were awful. We just did what he wanted so he wouldn’t yell even if his rules were crazy.

    I don’t know if Asperger’s people can be good parents — maybe some can but if their symptoms include uncontrollable rages, I have my doubts. I’m not trying to denigrate people with Autism. I have actually learned to forgive my father because I know he isn’t evil, he has a neurological problem. But choosing to raise children in that environment is really fraught.

  3. Hi Amira
    How many diagnosed are there in DSM 5? I think around 400-500. So most of us has a diagnose without knowing it.

    I think it right to share any serious issues that will affect the others life in marriage but it is difficult to know when to share and how to do it.
    It can be debts, addictions like addition to porn,gambling all sorts of problems. My father married without telling my mother about a huge debt he had and she had to help him pay it all through her life.

    Persons that share private things during dating to early is red flags for most of us.

    So when to tell,and how to tell it is the question.
    To screen out all persons with health problems is no guaranty to happiness, quite the contrary I would say.
    But to commitment means honesty about things that matters.

  4. Is it even possible for men with disabilities to get dates?


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