My Son Goes off the Deep End

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About Gabi Coatsworth

Gabi Coatsworth is a British-born writer who has spent half her life living in the United States. She lives in New Hampshire and Connecticut, with her husband, three sons, and a dog. The dog is sane.


  1. Roger Durham says:

    Gabi, Thanks for telling your story. My family is still writing the next chapters of our story of a bi-polar brother. As you are learning, there are few good options available, no easy ones, and more heartache than a family can easily endure. My heart goes out to you and your son.

  2. Ina Chadwick says:

    Gabi has made it possible for me and for others to accept and deal with bipolars as best as we can. Through her gentle and accepting ministrations, Gabi’s work has helped me to step back and weep for the few moments of peace these cursed and gifted people often have, not for myself.

    What I have learned from reading Gabi”s work is that no matter how much you know intuitively that someone you love is behaving insanely, the behavior is so confusing that you figure some foreign thing has to be making this happen. Drugs, guilt, bad parenting. Everything we can label. Oh dear, it must be a heartbreaking sight to watch your pride an joy , brilliant boy, be felled by his DNA. Writing this is a gift to all of those other parents. Thank you, Gabi. If Jason had to have another mother, he wouldn’t have fared as well.

  3. Emily Stutz says:

    Gabi, what a good description of the tangle of bipolar symptoms combined with everything else! Your honesty is searing. Please keep writing.

  4. Young adulthood is when bipolar disease usually manifests, but many kids self-medicate the depressive states and/or control the anxiety aspect of mania with pot for a long time before it does. Good that he was properly diagnosed; naming his problem and educating yourself about it is the right way to mediate your own anxiety and understand if, how and when you can help him and when you can’t.

    Jane Adams Ph.D. coaches parents ofadult children and is the author of “When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us.”

  5. I appreciate your story and thank you for sharing it. I hope people do not walk away thinking bipolar is schizophrenia. Properly diagnosed, bipolar is very treatable and manageable. It may have been a long road to a diagnosis, but it was caught in time and together you will weather this storm. You are both very lucky to have one another.


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