Open Thread: The Disposable Male

A couple of people on the Memo to Feminism thread have been calling for an open thread on ideas of male expendability and the disposable male. So here it is! Have at it.

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  1. Oh, and another point – if you use your car to find a streetwalker – the police in many areas can seize it from you and sell it at an auction to line their pockets. Did you know that?

    Still wondering why police go after men with jobs/money to hit with their stings? Would you rather auction off a hooker’s used shoes or a 2006 Corvette? Quick – is anyone here good at math?

  2. EE do you remember the Movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”? It’s about this jaded rich women who lives up a canyon in LA andwho gores to Jamaica for a fling with a local (poor) guy. Of course she isn’t labeled a slimy sex tourist, no, no – it’s told in this Oprahesque, up-beat You Go girl tone.

  3. EE: I must’ve failed spectaculary in how I wrote my comments. I was trying to point out that anyone buying sex from (or rather sexually exploiting) street kids in no way can claim to do so out of care and that the claim that they would be more focused on their own orgasm is as hurtful as it is absurd considering the no-real-choice situation they find themselves in – in no way was it meant as an endorsement of how good they would be! Exploiting people for sex is a vile thing to do and even more so when they’re underage or otherwise have a diminished choice in the matter.

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