Protecting Your Balls

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About Evan Jacobs

Evan Jacobs is an aspiring writer and stand-up comedian living in New York City. Learn more at his website.


  1. I had not heard that compression shorts were good for keeping your balls in place – and then I looked them up on Wikipedia and found this …

    In tennis, women typically wear skirts with compression shorts under them to hold the tennis balls in addition to their more common benefits. The tightness keeps the ball in place; some recent shorts have ball pockets in them.

    Obviously they do work LOL

  2. I’m really sorry for ur pain Evan as one who has merely been kicked in the balls a time or two. This story was as hilarious as it was thrilling. Lol, I’m very glad you recovered ok!!

  3. raerae_onelove says:

    hahaha this was such a great read. i’m so glad you didn’t shit yourself!

  4. I am a hypochondriac. I always have been, always will be.>>

    Why? You can choose not to be. Seems an odd characteristic to choose to hang onto

  5. Never mind your nuts, what about the gas???? What happened and where were you when you let it go?

  6. It’s not often that I read something that makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. LOL. Glad your junk’s ok!


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