How to Support a Loved One Who Is Dealing with Depression

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  1. Great piece, Kate, thanks so much for sharing it and the Suicide Hotline number.

  2. Thanks for these points. I’ll be sharing on my FB page for sure. As someone who struggles with depression as a way of life, when oh-so-helpful people just tell me during my low points to snap out of it or look on the bright side or CHOOSE to be happy, it just further isolates me and pulls me down. I appreciate your understanding words.

    • Glad it was helpful, Tony! And yes, it seems to be hardest for those for whom depression keeps returning. Friends want to be helpful, but often don’t know how.

  3. My ex-husband’s depression was so scary. He was a complete stranger — a cold, mute one. It was like I was living with a zombie, and he had no idea was acting the way he was. To his credit, he agreed to see a therapist. He later admitted to me that he was having suicidal thoughts (which I knew). Everyday I came home wondering if he would be dead in the living room. Thank goodness he survived.
    The thing is though that even once the depressive episode passes, it’s never over. He has an illness, and who knows when it could awaken.

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