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Ben Belenus is a truth seeker, worshipper of women and Author. His juicy new book “the sex god---No Mud No Lotus” is a thorough and sacred investigation into sex, love and authenticity. It’s a sexually explicit and passionate love story that follows one man’s evolution towards spiritual freedom. The story follows Ben from innocence into sexual cockiness, painful infidelities, porn addiction and then onwards into deepest Tantric Love.  www.benbelenus.com  www.facebook.com/benbelenus


  1. I’m tired of this trope of all men have to be held accountable for the abusive conduct of the few.

    Savile was a man who had it all, why would he risk everything to cop a feel of some vulnerable underage women?

    This is a sad story that reflects on us all. What he did to one, he did to us all.

    Why did he do it? Because He Could! It requires no more understanding than that!

    How did he get away with it? Combinations of the Time, the Place, Blackmail and quite a few other premeditated actions.

    Jimmy Saville was a long standing, conniving, manipulative sexual predator – Ne Paedophile. There is only one thing that I can say we could agree upon – he also made my skin crawl. He was a creep. I had the misfortune to meet him some years ago. He was repulsive to me on TV – in the flesh he was so much worse. Watching him on Jim’ll Fix It was disturbing as his physical body language towards all kids was inappropriate at all times.

    His behaviour was facilitated by the internal structures and attitudes that inhabited the BBC during the 60s, 70′s 80′s and even into the 90′s. He saw the chance and took it. He took it – no-one else made him do it. His actions were 100% his own and reflect upon him – nobody else. Those who facilitated also acted and not every other person who can be hit by a Blunderbuss of Misguided hand-wringing and wanting a piece of the action.

    His sad story reflects only on those who enabled, empowered, facilitated and even stood back as he abused. I was not one of them – so Sorry but the activity of Jimmy Saville reflects on me not one jot. I do know people It does reflect upon – and they can deal with the Lime Light and probing ways of the Follow Spot!

    I’m tired of the hand wringing and “I have to be involved” attitudes of so many. Unless you were a person who empowered his abusive ways – or a person abused by him – making yourself part of this story is repugnant – abusive – creepy – rather like Jimmy Saville!

    Why anyone would link the names of Saville and Sandusky to being “Sex Gods” defies rational consideration. Why some are into self flagellation, linking themselves and by proxy all men to sexual abusership – predatorship and general nasty ways that are open to criticism and unbridled opprobrium …. it’s…….. it’s ……….. it IS beyond banal.

    It’s also very bad to keep on attempting to fir the conduct and thinking of people such as Savile into everyday – common a garden Joe and Joanna thinking.

    Why is it that if a Serial Killer is caught you don’t see people jumping on the bandwagon to be associated – but as soon as it’s exual abuse

  2. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    A caution: I certainly don’t believe in child molestation, but this article is subtly anti-sexual, I think. It makes certain strong assumptions about sexual appropriateness that are results of alienation and repression, not our real, physical sexualities. Belenus’s way of calling out many sexual practices as “vile” is a giveaway, here. I’d probably agree with him on much or porn, and other commodified forms of sexuality, and I certainly believe that many of us may choose to approach sex in considered, Appolonian ways. But I believe that sex comes from the body, and there are Dionesian ways toward it as well, wilder, I guess. Non-monogamy for some of may have played that role. If “appropriate,” excessively Appolonian approaches arise from a notion that sex is dirty, then we should suspect that something else is key here: the repression involved in patriarchy and modernist production (read Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization.) In getting back to the real erotic body (which we could do if we were less productionist,) we could discover what we really are erotically. My hunch is neither predatory, nor repressively stifled sexually.

  3. QuantumInc says:

    I think this is supposed to be a case study of the things that are wrong with ‘western culture’ when it comes to sex. Maybe it’s not a really good example though. Still it is easy to imagine that if the BBC lived up to the ideals of sex-positive feminism this guy would have been arrested and/or fired from his prestigious job pretty early on.

    Few people can really be said to be responsible for these predatory pedophiles. However there is a sexual culture that helps them, and that in turn is connected to the sexual cultures that various men participate in. There men and women can be both perpetrator and victim. Though there is a huge gap between the realities of what people like Saville do, and the problems most of us face.

    This article hints at a sort of meta-physical version of sociology. Personally I agree that there is a certain something that gets passed down, however I believe that this thing is simply culture. Ideas about how to behave that are sometimes communicated directly, but usually subtly and with great repetition. Enough repetition from friends, parents, movies and other sources and you begin to believe it. Most of the ideas about sex are harmful, and make us ill-equipped to handle our own sex-drives.

  4. It’s not only sexual predators that get the red carpet treatment, and who are enabled to get on with their heinous acts by those who stand to gain from them, while society is expected to lionise them or close both eyes. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20121016/blogs/let-s-pretend.441348

  5. CajunMick says:

    Once I read the following from this post, “All of humanity bears wounds, pain held within our global subconscious. Our ancestors were ravaged by the needs of male egos,…” I was done.

  6. J Vickers says:

    I thought that was the whole point of working for the BBC if you were “queer”. A bit like working for the Devon police if you were a fesbian. Sympathetic employer – no questions asked.

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