Navigating Male Midlife

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About Lisa Friedman Bloch and Kathy Kirtland Silverman

Lisa Friedman Bloch and Kathy Kirtland Silverman have shared a long and successful writing career. They bring to Manopause an extensive background as social commentators and a deep knowledge of the male sex honed through decades of observation, research, and personal experience. Their previous nonfiction book is titled Dr. Richard Marrs’ Fertility Book. In addition to their nonfiction work, Bloch and Silverman have spent years writing and producing network television, cable, and feature motion pictures. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I’ve found, over the years, that I can sometimes stumble and show my weakness and vulnerability.
    But whether or not this will make a relationship grow, or if it will actually make her respect me less, is mostly depending on her state of mind at that moment.
    Because like it or not, if it’s a mutual relationship chrisis, it’s still mostly required of the man to be the stoic supporter of the woman’s mourning, than the other way around.

    • Yep so true. You really have to be careful in confiding to your loved one. Any sense that their provider ship may be veering off course is enough to have her start ‘bailing’. In both senses.

    • You hit on the very essence of the problem we were discussing in our post. Both men and women are raised in a culture that sees the males’ role as strong, stoic providers. The mindset of both sexes needs to be changed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The purpose of us writing our book, “Manopause: Your Guide to Surviving His Changing Life” was to help change this outdated notion. We suggest that everyone re-examine and re-define what strength and manhood is. It should include the strength to admit certain feelings, flaws and doubts. Please help us spread the word.

  2. I don’t know that my SO sees me differently or diminished on those rare occasions when I let her see me at all, but I fear that’s she does. And that fear makes me angry. At her. Because I’m afraid. Yeah, I know.


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