OCD Threatened My Life at 60 MPH

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About Nathan C. Daniels

Nathan Daniels, author of Surviving the Fourth Cycle, lives with psychological disorders including Agoraphobia, OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Chronic PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. Abused in his youth, orphaned and homeless as a teenager, he became self-abusive and suicidal as an adult. Against all odds he survived, and now uses writing to raise awareness for, and fight stigma associated with; abuse, suicide, and mental illness. For more information, visit http://survivingthefourthcycle.com/

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  1. Thank you for sharing what its like to live in your head. I suffer from more of the mental ocd than the physical manifestation. I have the paranoid, recurring thoughts on top of anxiety disorders, depression and ptsd. I enjoyed reading your post and will be sharing with others. Hopefully others can learn from reading just a few moments of what its like for you!xo

    • Hi Leila,

      I’m really happy you enjoyed reading this, and I definitely appreciate you taking the time to comment and share a little on your own experience with OCD. Thank you, and I wish you all the best :]

  2. What an incredible article that really clarifies what OCD is like. The way you clearly explain the complex facts of OCD and then relate them to the real world by tying in to your own personal experiences is outstanding. People experiencing OCD will really connect to your article, as will people who have never experienced it themselves. Once again, you’re creating true understanding for very important topics.

    I noticed in your article that you used terms like “strange,” “annoying,” etc. quite often. I also noticed that you used these to describe the illness rather than yourself. This is a really important distinction. Terminology is powerful, and to reduce stigma and increase understanding, it’s important to for people to believe that while something like OCD can be annoying, the people who experience OCD are absolutely not annoying.

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