Church Sign Epic Fails, Advent Onslaught (Video)

I’m still not exactly sure how Kirk Cameron worked his way into my Church signs video, but we can all be thankful, regardless.


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  1. wellokaythen says:

    I’m one of the first in line to poke fun at religious silliness or any defect in critical thinking, but these are a little too easy. They may be tongue-in-cheek, and, to be fair, the people who make fun of these things are not the people likely to stop in anyway. People immune to glib non-sequiturs are probably less likely to be churchgoers anyway.

    From the standpoint of “mission” work, some of these churches may be thinking there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Think of all the people taking photos of these signs and sending them all over the web – their obnoxiousness is the best advertising.

    If the denomination I grew up in had demonstrated even a fraction of the humor shown in these signs, I might consider going back. When it comes to religion, I’ll take lame humor over no humor at all.

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