The Dangers of Evangelism

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Christian Piatt is the creator and editor of BANNED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BIBLE and BANNED QUESTIONS ABOUT JESUS. He he has a memoir on faith, family and parenting called PregMANcy: A Dad, a Little Dude and a Due Date.

Christian Blogs for Patheos, Huffington Post, Sojourners and others.

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  1. Christian,

    You’ve hit this one out of the park! Well done!

    (the big “but”)

    I know the over-sell/misrepresentation that the salesman does/did in “the old days,” but I’ve not seen it lately. Even on TV, with the operators waiting, I just don’t see people being pitched delivery from pain, misery, poverty, illness, etc.

    I can remember that from the 70s and 80s quite clearly though; and yes, the results were devastating for many.

    I will say however, even people who were falsely-sold AND who actually heard the werd were ruined in enjoying sinful ways. [raises hand]

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