The Whiskey Rule

A lovely rule to make sure you make every meeting.

I’m generally scatter-brained and disorganized, and, on rare occasions, I miss meetings. I also work with creative types, who are often scatter-brained and disorganized and, on rare occasions, miss meetings with me. Ned Dwyer of Native Digital, who probably deals with the same issues, came up with a terrific rule to combat the scourge of missed meetings. It’s called “The Whisky Rule“, and it’s the sort of rule I could really get behind, particularly if an “e” was added.

The Whisky Rule is pretty simple. If you cancel a meeting less than 10 minutes notice, or if you miss it completely then you owe your counterpart a bottle of whisky.

The only problem I can foresee is folks intentionally making vague meeting plans, which would be lame. This is about honor, gentlemen.

H/T to reader John Bachman

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  1. Agree with Matt N. Mildly charming post, but not worth the time and attention it took to click and look. Not worthy of this site, really.


    * You end up with a cabinet of crap whisk(e)y because your co-workers miss a lot of meeting and are cheap.
    * You end up broke because you miss a lot of meetings and are not cheap.
    * You and your co-workers end up as alcoholics due to the veritable sea of whisk(e)y that has invaded the office.

    * Whisk(e)y?

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