The Whiskey Rule

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Jordan Green is the Editorial Director for Burnside Books and co-founded the Burnside Writers Collective. He writes a television column for the Tucson Weekly and co-authored Besides the Bible - 100 Books That Have, Should, Or Will Create Christian Culture. Jordan lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and daughter. You can follow Jordan on Twitter @jordanrgreen.



    * You end up with a cabinet of crap whisk(e)y because your co-workers miss a lot of meeting and are cheap.
    * You end up broke because you miss a lot of meetings and are not cheap.
    * You and your co-workers end up as alcoholics due to the veritable sea of whisk(e)y that has invaded the office.

    * Whisk(e)y?

  2. Agree with Matt N. Mildly charming post, but not worth the time and attention it took to click and look. Not worthy of this site, really.

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